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Remediating PAC Errors

Virtual Event

To create a truly accessible document, one that is PDF/UA compliant, it must pass PAC (PDF Accessibility Checker), a free downloadable accessibility checker. In this webinar common Checkpoint errors will be reviewed and resolved, along with how to use the Checker features. We will also profile the most recent, newly released version of PAC.

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Accessible Graphic Design

Do you want to create reports, marketing material, and everyday documents that are accessible? Get tips on the best and most accessible design choices - from choosing colours and fonts, to ensuring documents are accessible to assistive technology users. You will learn what is required to create accessible materials that work for a wider range of users and see examples of accessible and inaccessible design choices.

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Creating Accessible Video Content

This 90-minute webinar will give you the tips and best practices to ensure your YouTube and other web-based videos are accessible and meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  Participants will learn how to caption in a way that provides optimal comprehension while meeting legal compliance, get a step-by-step walk through of the YouTube captioning editor, and learn about descriptive transcripts and described audio.

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Accessible Word Documents

This hands-on, virtual training session is designed to clearly explain how to create an accessible document using Microsoft Word. It will demonstrate converting documents to PDF format and examine the required structure for assistive technologies.

Accessible PDF Documents

In this virtual, hands-on training you will learn how to make accessible PDFs, including complex content and handling PDFs when no source document is available.

Articulate 360 + Accessibility

Much of the accessibility of content on the web is up to the capabilities of the platform on which it lives. This is why it’s important to know what accessibility features are supported by the platforms you use. In this 90-minute training we will look at the ways it is possible to make Articulate 360 content more accessible and the ways that the platform itself is accessible.

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