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  • This 2.5 hour webinar will take you step by step through the process and you will learn: • How to prepare simple text content for accessibility • How to prepare graphical content for accessibility • Why navigation is important in a document • What is reading order and why is it important

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  • While properly constructed tags are essential for an accessible PDF, tags alone are not enough. Some accessibility checkers review only tags while others also check hidden aspects of the document

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  • Review the best layout practices and techniques to format content for an accessible form that has first been designed in Microsoft Word and made into an accessible PDF document. A very practical 2-hour training course!

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  • You know how to apply accessible default styles in Word, but do you know how to make your own custom styles with accessible tags? In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn how to include corporate branding into a document which has “H” tags and how to move styles between documents to improve efficiency when making and sharing accessible content in Word.

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  • More Word users are creating accessible content and using styles more efficiently. Now is a good time for anyone using InDesign to apply the “Import Options” settings when placing Word text in an InDesign file. Also discussed are the time saving practices of using Table Styles and Object Styles when placing content.

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