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Courses that are ideal for someone new to the topic of accessibility.

  • This introduction to accessibility will increase your understanding of disability types, barriers and best practices in the areas of customer service, employment and communications. For organizations who have trained their staff on the accessibility awareness, such as the mandated AODA training, this is an excellent refresher course and, for those new to accessibility, you will come away with many easy to implement suggestions.

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  • This 2-hour webinar will take you step by step through the process and you will learn: • How to prepare simple text content for accessibility • How to prepare graphical content for accessibility • Why navigation is important in a document • What is reading order and why is it important

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  • Accessibility Services Canada launched an updated version of its AODA training in 2021, with new content and design to reflect the revisions to the AODA. This training is the most current on the market and can be used to meet your Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act training requirements.

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  • How can you know what colours and contrast are appropriate? How can you ensure that people with vision disabilities can read your documents? This webinar will review a variety of colour contrast checkers, including those available online and in most mainstream applications such as Microsoft, InDesign and PDFs.

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  • While properly constructed tags are essential for an accessible PDF, tags alone are not enough. Some accessibility checkers review only tags while others also check hidden aspects of the document

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  • This 2.5 hour non-technical training is a deep dive into how to create and post content accessible content to the web.

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  • In this 60-minute course, get tips on the best and most accessible design choices – from choosing colours and fonts, to ensuring documents are accessible to assistive technology users.

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  • Research has defined hidden mobility disabilities (HMD) as being able to walk – but only for 35-50 feet – and being able to stand unsupported – but only for 1-2 minutes – without significant health consequences. In this free 30-minute webinar we explore the access barriers faced by those with hidden mobility disabilities and options for addressing those barriers.

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  • This course looks at considerations for making in-person and virtual meetings and conferences accessible. Topics include planning, marketing and promotions, site selection, technical requirements, accommodations, and content.

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  • Many people have difficulty understanding what is meant by ‘website accessibility’ and how this is achieved. This 60-minute webinar will give you an understanding of how people with various disabilities access your website and how websites can be made accessible. You will learn about the background and theory of website accessibility, how accessibility effects visitors to your site, and what changes you can immediately make to increase the accessibility of your website.

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  • Participants in this 45-minute webinar will learn how accessibility effects document creation and how to confirm a document’s compliance. By the end of this session, you will understand what you need to do differently in the document creation process and get suggestions for how to save time and money in the production stages.

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  • Do you wonder how accessible your organization’s social media posts are? Would you like to make your tweets, Instagram stories and Facebook posts inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities? In this 50-minute webinar we’ll cover some general guidelines for creating accessible social media posts, review common pitfalls, and discuss both accessibility features available on different platforms and some workarounds you could use when built in accessibility features are not available.

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  • In this 60-minute webinar, we will differentiate between platform and content level issues and dive deeper into techniques you can use to make your content more accessible. This is a high-level, platform agnostic information session.

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  • Everyone has a role to play in supporting workplace mental health and this 2.5 hour webinar will help you to: Reduce mental health stigma among co-workers Better recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems Increase your knowledge about appropriate treatments Increase staff confidence in helping others Get practical and professionally recommended resources, as well as tips and best practices for supporting the well-being of co-workers.

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  • For users of screen reading applications and people with visual impairments, text alternatives (alt text) convey the purpose or function of an image so as to provide an equivalent user experience in a document or on a website. In this 45-minute virtual training, participants will learn how and when to apply alternative text ; test their knowledge through in-class exercises; and get an opportunity to ask questions of our accessibility expert.

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