Remediating PAC Errors


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Do you want to have confidence that your document is accessible and PDF/UA compliant?  There is a  free, downloadable program called PAC (PDF Accessibility Checker) which provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files. Among the things that PAC checks for are:

  • PDF/UA conformance
  • Logical tag Structure
  • Screen reader Preview

Not all accessibility checkers are equal. For example, Microsoft and Adobe checkers will often give false positives. PAC provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files. PAC will produce a Summary Report which will show you which elements of your PDF pass or fall PDF/UA conformance. The report will also give you the test results based on different checkpoints, such as:

  • PDF Syntax
  • Fonts
  • Contents
  • Embedded Files
  • Natural Language
  • Structure Elements
  • Structure Tree
  • Role Mapping
  • Alternate Description
  • Metadata
  • Document Settings

In this 50-minute webinar we will walk you through how to use the PAC software and the various Checker features, review the common Checkpoint errors and how to resolve them, and demonstrate the newly released PAC 2021.


To get the full benefit of learning about creating accessible PDF content, it is strongly recommended to first participate in the full “Accessible PDF Documents” training.

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