Checking for Colour Contrast Webinar


How can you know what colours and contrast are appropriate? How can you ensure that people with vision disabilities can read your documents?  This free webinar will review a variety of colour contrast checkers, including those available online and in most mainstream applications such as Microsoft, InDesign and PDFs. 

This free webinar will teach you how to make your documents more accessible by ensuring there is good colour contrast.  

Topics include:

  • Colour blindness and how colours appear on screen
  • How to ensure your text colour works with assistive technology
  • Starting a project with an accessible colour pallet
  • Recommended online resources for colour contrast checking
  • Screen enhancement apps and how do they handle colour

Who should view this webinar?

Anyone who creates documents using Creative Cloud applications, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Anyone wanting to review or establish a corporate colour pallet.

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