Accessible Graphic Design Tips and Best Practices


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Do you want to create posters, brochures and other materials that are accessible to as many people as possible? Get tips on the best and most accessible design choices- from choosing colours and fonts, to ensuring documents are accessible to assistive technology users. Participants will learn what is required to create accessible materials that work for a wider range of users.

“I always learn so much from every training opportunity I take with you team! These skills are making my designs better, more accessible and beautiful, one project at a time.”  City of Peterborough

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“Short, sweet and super helpful! Interactive portion was a really nice break and a good way to jump start the brain.”

Topics include:

  • Visual considerations: Font type, size, spacing, colour, contrast
  • Accessible document settings: Semantic meaning of content, document structure, language settings and more.
  • Workflow tips: How to effectively integrate accessibility into the document creation cycle.
  • Examples of accessible and inaccessible design choices. 

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“Accessibility test for character ambiguity is very useful, thanks!”

“Excellent examples.”

 “I liked that it was easy to understand and entry-level but we covered a lot of content.”

 “Very clear and concise information provided.”

 “Real life brochure example, pointing out what’s good/not good, was very useful.”

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