Accessibility Services Canada offers a variety of workshops related to Accessibility. If there is a workshop that you would like to have offered at your office, we’d be happy to come to you. We customize our workshops to the audience size, industry type, and specific objectives as requested by our clients.

Some of the specialized workshops you can request:

  • How to Create Accessible Word and PDF Documents (full day, hands-on training)
  • How to Create Accessible InDesign and PDF Documents (full day, hands-on training or 3.5 hour webinar recording)
  • Introduction to Document Accessibility (1-hour, in-person or webinar recording)
  • Introduction to Website Accessibility (60 minutes)
  • Accessible Graphic Design (60 minutes)
  • Strategies for Web Accessibility (3 hours)
  • Understanding Mobile Accessibility (60 minutes)
  • Evaluating Website Accessibility (3 hours)
  • Accessible Forms (3 hours)

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