Legislation in Saskatchewan

A bill for The Accessible Saskatchewan Act was introduced in the Legislature the fall of 2022 and received Royal Assent on May 17, 2023.

Read a summary of The Accessible Saskatchewan Act.

The act was a recommendation in the 2015 Saskatchewan Disability Strategy.

Accessibility standards will outline the rules government and organizations must follow to remove barriers in different areas. Areas included in the bill are:

  • Built Environment (buildings, places, and spaces)
  • Information and Communications (standards that make giving and receiving information accessible for persons with disabilities).
  • Employment (hiring and workplace standards)
  • Transportation (buses and taxis)
  • Service Animals (public education and public access)
  • Procurement (buying goods and services)
  • Service Delivery (getting goods, services, or programs)

The proposed Accessibility Advisory Committee will provide advice on the development of standards in each of these areas The bill also says that standards can be made for any other areas identified later.