Accessible Word Essentials

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The Essentials

Do you want to know how to make accessible Word documents? This 2-hour webinar will take you step by step through the process and you will learn:

  • How to prepare simple text content for accessibility
  • How to prepare graphical content for accessibility
  • Why navigation is important in a document
  • What is reading order and why is it important

“Great webinar! Learned some new things about MS Word features as well as accessibility rules.”

The webinar was super helpful – thank you!”

Course Outline

Text Elements and Navigation

The first part of our training will review the best practices and the implications of formatting text for Assistive Technologies. It will also include a review of the importance of page navigation.

Topics covered include:

  • Simple text formatting for accessibility
  • Page structure and content order
  • Setting logical reading order
  • Proper list structures
  • Adding bookmarks for easy navigation

“Excellent and very informative.”

“This is fantastic! The course has answered questions I’ve had for years!”

Graphical Content Accessibility Checker

The second part of this accessible Word documents webinar emphasizes how to apply accessibility settings for any graphical content and how to review the accessibility checker.

Topics include:

  • Writing descriptive text for images, logos and smart art
  • Positioning graphical content in line with other page items
  • How to set language settings
  • Review of the Microsoft Accessibility Checker

“Excellent. It clarified a lot”

Software used during presentation

  • Microsoft Word (most current version)

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