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Ensuring your website stays accessible

It can sometimes be challenging to know what accessibility efforts can be implemented on a content level vs. those that are dependent on the platform where your content exists. In this 60-minute webinar, we will differentiate between platform and content level issues and dive deeper into techniques you can use to make your content more accessible. This is a high-level, platform agnostic information session.

High level overview that also provided specific, useful examples. Gave us tools to learn more on our own, without bogging down the session.

Good range of examples for discussion. Very informative. Thanks for the resource links, too!

Topics include:

  • How WCAG applies to web content issues.
  • Accessibility considerations for Text (eg. reading level), Images (eg. Text alternatives), and Multimedia (eg. Captioning + descriptive transcripts).
  • Interactive exercises to identify potential accessibility barriers in content and how these can be addressed.

It was interactive. Thanks for asking US questions!

Take Away:

Participants will be given a handout listing website accessibility tools and other key references.

Wide range of content presented with images to make it easy to follow.

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