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A step-by-step walk through of the YouTube captioning editor

Did you know that accurate captioning is actually a basic WCAG 2.0 Level A requirement? This 60-minute webinar will give you the tips and best practices to ensure your YouTube and other web-based videos are captioned accessibly.  Participants will learn how to caption in a way that provides optimal comprehension while meeting legal compliance and get a step-by-step walk through of the YouTube captioning editor.

 Very clearly communicated. Liked the historical context.

 It was easy to follow, easily accessible and good information.

 Thanks, very useful – I feel I got enough info to try myself!

What You Will Walk Away With

At the end of this 60-minute webinar, participants will understand:

  • Captioning basics for web-based and YouTube.
  • Captioning process from upload to publishing.
  • YouTube captioning interface.
  • Captioning best practices, including caption line length, parsing caption lines, non-speech information, and more.

Thanks that was great! Very useful.

Who should view this webinar

Anyone who is responsible for website and video design and development, content creation, and content posting. This includes all Executive Directors/CEOs, Communication Managers, Document Creators, Communication or Accessibility Coordinators, Website Content Managers, Website Developers, Marketing Managers, Administrative Assistants.

The presenter was very knowledgeable, well-spoken and clear.

 Very informative and helpful!

 Learned some technical stuff I didn’t know. Sweeeet!

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