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If you are already making PDFs, or want to deepen your skills in this area, our Advanced Accessible PDF course will teach you about little-known tools and practices in Adobe Acrobat that will significantly expedite the time required to make your documents accessible.

Creating accessible source documents is important but there are many more tags in Acrobat that need to be used in order for a PDF to be accessible. This webinar will break down the complex tag structure so as to avoid errors showing up in the document checking process.

Building on our Accessible PDF course (Part 1), this training dives in advanced PDF creation tools and topics. Participants in this course will learn how to fix and repair tags for more complicated content and how to use the Preflight panel – a valuable resource for remediating accessibility issues in a PDF. Knowing how to properly use the Preflight panel will you save time and reduce frustration.

The following topics will be reviewed:

  • Acrobat Preflight options, including dialog menu, inspections and accessibility profiles
  • Assigning alternate or multiple languages not listed in Acrobat
  • Tagging acronyms and individual items in a document
  • Using the Content Pane and Reading Order Pane and Tools to edit content
  • Advanced tag editing: Fixing tagged content and exploring tag properties and options
  • Tagging properly for spilt and merged table content

This course will include a demonstration of how to use these various tools and steps to streamline and simply the process of making a truly accessible PDF.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • People who have completed Accessible PDFs- Part 1
  • People who have experience making accessible in PDFs
  • People wanting to develop expertise in PDF remediation

Virtual Training Requirements

  • Acrobat Professional
  • Knowledge or experience using Acrobat is recommended.

NOTE : Be sure that your Acrobat Professional DC (not Reader) has been installed correctly a few days prior and is working correctly.


  • High quality instruction by a Document Accessibility Specialist
  • Preflight information and description sheet
  • Accessibility tag definition resource sheet