Accessibility Awareness Course

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This general accessibility awareness course will increase your understanding of disability types, barriers and best practices in the areas of customer service, employment and communications. For organizations who have trained their staff on the accessibility awareness, such as the mandated AODA training, this is an excellent follow up course to deepen an understanding of accessibility and gain additional ideas on how to remove barriers.

The course contains 4 modules and includes the following topics and related resources:

  • Why is accessibility and inclusion important?
  • Accessibility legislation in Canada
  • Understanding barriers to accessibility (social vs. medical model)
  • Exploring differences (hearing, vision, cognitive, physical, assistive devices, service animals, support persons, etc.)
  • Interacting with a person with a disability
    • Respectful language
    • Accommodations
    • Over the telephone
    • Service animals
    • Support persons
  • Alternative formats and digital inclusion
  • Recruitment and on-boarding of employees with disabilities
  • Accessibility tips and best practices throughout the course
  • Resources for downloading

After completing the knowledge check quizzes, participants will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion for printing and sharing on social media.