IASR Training Handout


Accessibility Services Canada offers many ways that you can meet your training requirements. Our Customizable Training Handout on the IASR was created for organizations that have staff or volunteers that don’t have a lot of contact with the public or are only with you for a very short time, such as a one-day volunteer event.

Our handout provides an overview of four out of the five AODA standards (the Customer Service Standard is dealt with in a separate training handout) and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it relates to individuals with disabilities. It can be customized with the inclusion of your company logo, contact information, details of related policies, or whatever you feel that you want to add.

This handout offers a basic understanding of this component of the IASR and can be used in combination with other training. It is up to each organization to determine the degree and depth of training that each of its staff, volunteers, and board members need.


File Format: Word Template

Note: File is downloadable once only.