2016 Changes to the Customer Service Standard (Webinar Recording)


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Changes to the AODA Customer Service Standard:                                          

What You Need to Know & Do

The Ontario Government recently announced that there will be some significant changes to the Accessible Customer Service Standard under the AODA. Join us for this webinar to learn the details of the upcoming changes and what you need to do to be compliant by July 1st when the changes come into effect.

Target Audience: Staff and Board Members of nonprofits and private businesses.

Changes Concern:

  1. ·     Training of staff, volunteers, and Board Members
  2. ·     Service Animals
  3. ·     Feedback
  4. ·     Support Persons
  5. ·     Classification of organization size
  6. ·     Policies
  7. ·     Compliance Reporting

Webinar Take Away: 

Handout summarizing the key changes to the Customer Service Standard

Webinar Viewing

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