Business Benefits of Accessibility (InfoGraphic)


Virtual Team Training Icon - worker at desktop computerA major complaint within the business sector is finding skilled workers for the job at hand. Yet, many organizations overlook the largest minority group in Canada when recruiting talent: people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are educated, motivated, and ready to work. In fact, many studies in Canada, the US, and abroad have found that people with disabilities often surpass average numbers for employee retention, engagement, performance, safety, and attendance! Hiring people with disabilities is not only a good thing to do but also the smart thing to do for your business.

As part of┬áthe Ontario BIA Association’s “Accessibility Smart Businesses” Project, Accessibility Services Canada created this infographic about the business benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

If you want to print this document, do so on 11″ x 14″ paper.

Note that infographics are not accessible.



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