Accessible InDesign & PDFs (Webinar Recording)


With the Information and Communications Standard of the AODA requiring new and refreshed website and content to be made accessible, it means that documentation available for download from a website – in particular any documents created from InDesign and compressed to a PDF – should be accessible to all users using screen reading technology. As well, the AODA requires you to provide alternative formats of your inaccessible documents, should a person with a disability request it.

Creative professionals have limited time and need the most up-to-date training and this webinar is an ideal way for busy leaders get professional development from the convenience of their own desk. Learn how to create an accessible InDesign document and then how to convert it into an accessible PDF. 

This webinar recording was made of a live session offered January 2018. The software used is InDesign CC 2017 and Adobe Acrobat DC. This webinar recording is 3 hours in length.

Understanding Accessible PDF documents

In this first module you learn the basic knowledge required to understand the principles of PDF creation and InDesign formatting for accessible documents. 

Completion of this module will provide the user with an understanding of Accessible PDF file creation with particular attention to:

  • A clear definition of what an “Accessible PDF” document is.
  • How PDF documents are constructed – behind the scene settings.
  • What formatting traps to avoid – when making an InDesign document.
  • Changes in your current workflow to make a document more accessible.

InDesign: Document integrity, formatting for accessibility

This is the second module of the series and provides the in-depth knowledge and framework for the creation of the source document. This module explores the enhanced features of Adobe InDesign. 

The focus of this module is to prepare a document with reliable content formatting. The overall aim of the module is to equip document creators with knowledge of specific program features that will ensure accessible content in their document.

Completion of this module will provide the user with a foundational understanding of Accessible InDesign file creation with particular attention to:

  • Additional requirements in an everyday document
  • Advance features of InDesign to use for formatting content
  • Layout formatting tricks that can save time
  • Production workflow adjustments and enhancements

InDesign to Acrobat

This is the third and final module in the mini series, the focus is to review and finalize an Adobe Acrobat accessible PDF document. This module explores the features in Adobe Acrobat and the workflow between the two programs. 

Completion of this module will provide the user with an understanding of Accessible PDF file creation with particular attention to:

  • Using the Accessibility Checker
  • Fixing elements using the Tags and Content panel
  • Checking and tweaking content in the final PDF document


It is recommended that the attendee has working knowledge and is comfortable using both InDesign versions CS6 or CC and Adobe Acrobat 11. 

If using previous version, there will be some slight differences, however attendees can still follow along.

The platform of MAC or PC does not make a difference – some items will be found in different locations within user interface.

Webinar Viewing

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