6 Ways to Ensure Your Website is Accessible

Ensuring that your website is accessible can be challenging! The international standard for website accessible, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), has a number of criteria that must be met and this standard was most recently updated in June to WCAG 2.1.

When evaluating a website’s accessibility there are a number automatic tools you can use and these can be very useful in testing website accessibility, but only up to a point. Most WCAG requirements cannot be verified by software alone. There are a number of underlying problems associated with using just automated tools to test for accessibility. Generally speaking, automated accessibility testing tools are very limited in being able to uncover real problems. They cannot adequately check for the majority of accessibility guidelines and can sometimes report problems that aren’t actually problems. Read more.

Whether you are new to website accessibility or a seasoned pro, we have a number of workshops and webinars to help you deepen your understanding and application of website accessibility principlescomputer with assistive devices

  1. Introduction to Website Accessibility
  2. Mobile Accessibility 2.1
  3. WCAG Updated! New 2.1 version
  4. Strategies for Website Accessibility
  5. How to Evaluate Your Website’s Accessibility
  6. How to Make Your Videos Accessible: Captioning Best Practices